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We interview Izzy Chan and Paige Green on their documentary, The Big Flip, which uncovers what life is like for families where the woman is the breadwinner and the man is the stay-at-home dad.


We interview Emily Vermont, co-founder of Finding Rhythms, which uses music to help rehabilitate prisoners and teach them transferable skills, all while recording a professionally produced album!

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Lynne Parker, the incredible founder of Funny Women, a community that has been supporting female comedians across the UK since 2002 shares her wisdom with us.


We interview the very talented Pele Cox, author of the Mistress Account and former poet in residence at the Royal Academy of Art.

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The Quarter Club is re-shaping what the quarter life crisis means for fiercely ambitious, freelance creative women of all ages.


What does being a woman mean in today’s day and age and what will it mean in the future. Suit & Pie does a little crystal ball gazing and looks at how women are being redefined.

Women in Leadership

As the founder of the Guardian’s Women in Leadership section, Harriet Minter has helped inform, set the tone and lead the way for women in business.


Cutter & Squidge founders Annabel and Emily Lui are the creators of the ‘biskie’ – a gooey and crunchy combination of biscuit, cookie and cake made with all natural ingredients.


Sitara is a Diversity Chair in Financial Services and Blogger. Read her excellent blog on why we all need to master the art of re-invention.


Lifeshifter is a revolutionary new company that places top female talent in flexible working positions in fast growing SMEs and start-ups