Discovering women in STEAM through Her Story in History

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We interview Sabine Allaeys, the woman behind new YouTube channel Her Story in History which aims to spread the word about lesser known female scientists and women in STEAM through super entertaining animations. Sabine is fundraising on indiegogo so that she can tell the stories of even more women in STEAM – so do check out her fundraising page.

CO8DfDCUEAA_ALgWhat is Her Story? 

Her Story is a YouTube channel that tells the fascinating stories of women active in the STEAM field (that’s Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths!).

How did the idea for Her Story come about?

Well, my day job is making animations that explain stuff, often complex stuff, in a  very easy way so that it becomes simple to understand. I use a hand drawn style that brings you back to ‘the essence’, just like the language you might use to explain a concept by drawing on a whiteboard. These animations explain things like the Scalar Boson, the European campaign for Horizon 2020, how to conquer cyberbullying, how to grow a single crystal or deliver a social comment like the spoken word video ‘Low Battery’ with Prince EA.

Through my work I have seen so many untold stories of interesting women in tech and other areas. My own career choice was so positively influenced when I learnt about Ada Lovelace through the movie Conceiving Ada. It was a real confirmation for me that you could be a girl and have an interest in computers and cutting edge stuff.  So I decided to make my own personal tribute to her and as there isn’t a lot of YouTube material highlighting any other interesting women’s profiles either, I decided it would be really useful to bring these fascinating stories to a broader public. YouTube being ‘the’ channel to reach out to younger people, it made sense to start a “Her story in history”  YouTube channel.

How is Her Story different from other animated / female specific YouTube channels?

In my animations I really aim to get to the essence of the (life)story and the style is quite no nonsense and cool to watch even if you’re not initially attracted by the STEAM theme. Having an extended list of female profiles is also not common. I would also like to mix historical women with more contemporary fascinating women’s stories.

You have just launched an indiegogo campaign, what will the funds be used for and what will funders get in return?

Each animation costs $2,500 to make so the more $ raised, the more profiles can be highlighted. One of the perks for funders will be that you can make it into the credits and another one will allow you to have your very own character drawn in the same doodle style on top of it. It’s always cool to have your own little doodle character.You can use it as an avatar for your social networks, phone etc.

The woman in STEAM whose story you are most excited about featuring:

There are so many but I would like to start with the story of Grace Hopper, she has had such a thrilling life and the programming language COBOL was partly based on her previous programming language design. We mainly know her through the little anecdote of why we call “a bug” a bug, because of the real bug she found in one of the computers which made it work less well!

Or there’s the story of Rosalind Franklin who never knew her ‘Picture 51’ was actually the basis on which they found the double helix structure of DNA.

There’s also Bertha Benz, automotive pioneer, who actually invented brake lining using her hair hatpin!

There are a lot of fascinating stories to tell, so for anyone who works in STEAM or wants to encourage young people into STEAM, it would be great to have your support!

Check out the Her Story indiegogo campaign and suggest some women in STEAM you would like featured. You can also visit Sabine’s website and follow Sabine on twitter @barbarellle and @Quidostweet or check out Sabine’s profile on LinkedIn