The Issue with Company Values


The values that underpin a company’s culture are very important as they anchor every aspect of a business in a set of commonly-held beliefs and commitments (in the wise words of Fortune’s Holly Lebowitz Rossi). What a company stands for and the values that its employees embody can have a huge impact on productivity, talent retention, motivation, recruitment and ultimately on profitability (we are a business after all!). Therefore getting your company values right is really important and getting it wrong can ultimately hit your bottom line.

We thought it would be interesting to explore how some of the smaller startups developed their culture and values, and how this might compare to what the big established organisations do. So in this issue, we get some fantastic insights from:

  • Sarah Churchman, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at PricewaterhouseCoopers, on the values that underpin the culture at the Big Four firm and the great initiatives they have in place to ensure that all 19,741 employees and 885 partners believe in and take personal responsibility for these values, and
  • Oliver Black, founder of My Family Care, who tells us why culture eats strategy for breakfast (!) and shares some of his company values with us (my faves – Be Honest and Have No Secrets, and No Drongos!).

Following a recent re-test of my MBTI personality profile, it transpires that I am a bit of an idealist (the unofficial description was “clear inner values involving human growth, idealistic, congruent catalyst similar to a cleansing cup of green tea”), so in this issue I thought I would also share the 5 TED Talks that would inspire my own company values (if I had a company, or employees, or had invented Twitter). These TED speakers really are amazing so do check them out.

We welcome the return of Mr Smith and his corner as he comes back from the brink and his family holiday in Rhodes. We also discover the delicious Sub Cult and the hilarious Dumb Ways to Die which had Mr F and I crying from laughter in This Week as well as the all new British Museum of Food.

We check out some great women’s events too – Annie Leibovitz’s WOMEN: New Portraits and the Inspiring Women Conference so do grab yourself a ticket.

As always we welcome (any type of) feedback, notes, shares, likes, YouTube dedications etc – so feel free to drop us a line with thoughts and ideas for upcoming issues or if you would like to feature.

Happy reading!

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