Things that make you go Oooh – The Love & Happiness Issue


If I’m being honest, 2016 so far has been super tough (despite it being the Chinese year of what can only be described as the amazing fire monkey!). There have been some highlights (the office ski trip for example – although I am still pretty sure “Mexican wrestling” was not a good theme choice) but overall, even though work has been its usual crazy self and friends, family and exercise have been their usual supportive selves, I have been feeling a little deflated about it all. As 60s international man of mystery, Austin Powers would say – I think I lost my mojo.

So in an attempt to get motivated again and rediscover my happy place, I have dedicated this February issue to finding love & happiness… and you know what? It worked. Watching all those incredible speakers to pull together 5 TED talks that will make you feel differently about Love & Happiness really put things into perspective for me. In particular, 17 year old Sam Bern’s positivity and humour in the face of progeria, a rare and deadly disease, really moved and inspired me to (re)set my goals and look forward to what is coming (many good things!).

Here’s hoping this issue will help you find your mojo…

x (happy) foong 

(worryingly this sounds quite similar to happy feet…)


The Filling

SusannaHalonen_HappyologistTales of a Happyologist – How Happiness Fuels Success

We had the great pleasure of catching up with the one and only Happyologist, Susanna Halonen. An accomplished TEDx speaker and life coach, Susanna’s philosophy is that happiness fuels success (not the other way round) and that happiness really is a choice.

2015-05-Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-love-locks-bridge-leeroy5 TED talks that will make you think differently about Love & Happiness

Can you make someone fall in love with you? What will truly make you happy? Do less attractive people get more messages online dating? These questions answers by the amazing TED speakers.

This Week

deadpool-movie-costume-pic-2Guilty Pleasures, Fried Chicken, Models & Anti-heroes

As this issue is all about the Love, we thought we would share a few of our guilty pleasures as well as the usual this week shenanigans…

Through the (corporate) grapevine

1a69ab_d8118352f1234404bf66d189d2c77c71 (1)Northern Power Women Awards

The inaugural NPW awards will celebrate and showcase inspiring role models from the North. Check out the shortlist and buy your tickets for the ceremony on 3 March at the Hilton, Deansgate, Manchester.

1690Vogue 100: A Century of Style

A Century of Style showcases over 280 prints from Vogue’s archives at the National Portrait Gallery until 22 May.

Man’s Corner

213HThe Happiness Survey

Are you happier than the average person? Which age group are the unhappiest in the UK? S&P find out as part of our Happiness Survey research.

slippersMr Smith’s (Get Well Soon) Corner

Mr Smith tests the health & happiness theme to the limits with son No.2’s open heart surgery this week. We’re routing for the little man to get well soon!!