Shoots & leaves – The StartUp Issue


So I finally got to go on my summer vacay with my family and Mr F. It has been an absolute joy (and disgrace) having Mama F fawn over me like I am still my sulky, braces-wearing 15 year old self. My mum has managed to achieve the impossible by somehow becoming more energetic as she gets older (although for those who know my mama, this is not entirely a surprise). I think I might steal some of her thyroxin pills for my return to the office…

Anyway – this is all (a little loosely) connected to this month’s theme which is all about Startups. Yes, we all have to start somewhere! And we all need that support, that one Mama F, who is going to push us, guide us, stand on the sidelines cheering for us when things go well and pick us up when it gets tough.

So in this issue, we try to bring a bit of that Mama F spirit to a few of our favourite Startups:

Many of these startups are in the early stages of funding and getting off the ground, so definitely do check out their Kickstarter campaigns and the great work they are doing.

Focussing on startups, we also check out the Secret Sauce Conference that will take place at the Google Campus on 23rd September and the Meet A Mentor events that are being held across the UK for budding entrepreneurs.

Mr Smith also breathes a sigh of relief as the little Smiths return to school, and we get interviewed (yay!) by The Quarter Club and discover the best ice cream sandwiches in This Week.

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Happy reading!

x foong 

@suitandpieUK and @foongi

PS: I was going for ‘Eats Shoots & Leaves’ rather than ‘Eats, Shoots & Leaves’ – just in case there was any confusion (maybe due to the gorilla).