The Re-invention Issue (Reloaded)


So we finally launched the website with our reinvention issue earlier this month (woop woop!). It has been a really great feeling to have a little home on the web where we can sit and grab tea and a biskie with our amazing interviewees! (In my head it’s a house made of sweets, minus the scary Hansel & Gretel witch).

As mentioned, new content will continue to be uploaded along the same monthly theme on the 23rd of each month. So here is our first reload! Welcome!

In this update, we have the very great pleasure of meeting Saskia and Jo, the ladies behind The Quarter Club, an inspired networking initiative that seeks to erase the stigma surrounding the quarter life crisis by bringing together fiercely ambitious women to share stories over a glass of prosecco at their Salons and Pitching Parlours.

We also do some crystal ball gazing and seek to define what it means to be a woman now and what this might mean in the future in The Modern Woman. The idea of what it means to ‘be a man’ has also come under some scrutiny recently so we ran our own little survey in our Man’s Corner for our piece – I Am Man (unfortunately no relation to Will Smith or the movie ‘I am Legend’).

We check out the excellent Audrey Hepburn exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery and discover Frugl in This Week. Mr Smith also manages to fit us into his extremely busy schedule (bless him).

Yours truly is a judge for the upcoming Comment Awards, so please do nominate your favourite commentators so that I get my chance to get all judgy x-factor stylie. Do also check out and sign up for the upcoming BeyondGender event organised by the excellent initiative Beyond Me.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new website so please feel free to drop us a note or leave us a cheeky comment.

Happy reading!

x foong

@foongi and @suitandpieUK

PS: The next issue of Suit & Pie will be out on 9th August!