The Re-invention Issue


After much anticipation (mainly mine, but hopefully a bit of yours too!), please let me welcome you to the brand new Suit & Pie website! (cue screams of excitement – mainly mine!)

The website has been designed (very skilfully by the excellent Janna Hagan) to have the same layout as the newsletters but with the ability to include much more content, images and overall awesomeness, and breaks down as follows:

  • The Filling – featuring interviews, blogs and original content around the issue’s monthly theme
  • Socks & Crumbs – containing ‘This Week’ featuring our favourite artsy and foodie recommendations and ‘Through the (corporate) grapevine’ highlighting upcoming women’s events
  • It’s a Man’s World – our male section featuring interesting articles from a male perspective and our now infamous Mr Smith’s Corner (written by Mr Smith – of course).

Our launch theme, and this month’s issue, is all about re-invention (how appropriate, I hear you say, given we have re-invented Suit & Pie) and features interviews with Jana Hlistova, the lady behind Lifeshifter – a revolutionary recruitment business which places highly skilled women in tech in flexible working jobs, and with Emily and Annabel Lui, the sisters behind the new age bakery Cutter & Squidge and inventors of the ‘biskie’.

We also get to spend a day in the life of the very insightful Harriet Minter, the editor and founder of the Women in Leadership section of The Guardian, and get a download on the art of reinvention in the context of the TED Women conference from Sitara Warren, Diversity Chair in Financial Services and Blogger.

In our Man’s Corner, we also get to interview Joel Hilton, the co-founder of Project Fit an interval training class that promises to push you to your limits and transform average city workers into fitness machines #nopainnogain

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I enjoyed pulling it together! It has been a real rollercoaster getting Suit & Pie to this point, but it’s definitely been worth the ride… Long may it continue (although no pitch black space mountain type craziness please)!

Happy reading!

x foong

@foongi and @suitandpieUK

PS: The next issue of Suit & Pie will be out on 9th August, although do check back before then as there will be regular content updates on each theme over the course of the month.