Mr DeMille, I’m Ready For My Close-Up – The Arts Issue


Welcome, lovely #suities and thank you for stopping by on this wonderful summer’s day! Hopefully you are enjoying this issue by the beach while working on your tan and sipping on a [insert cocktail of choice]… I know Mr Smith is!

This issue (#32) is all about celebrating women and men in the Arts – the visual arts, the literary arts and the performing arts. And boy, do we have a great line-up for you!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Pele Cox, author, art historian and accomplished poet (previously poet in residence at the Tate Modern and at the Royal Academy of Art, no less!). We also had the great honour of meeting Lynne Parker, the incredible founder of the UK’s leading female comedic community, Funny Women. Lynne has been working with female stand-up and on-screen comedians since 2002 and has some great insight and experience to share.

In our Men’s Corner, we have a chat (look at me, being all casual) with Asian superstar George Young who, following very successful stints as an actor, model and host in Singapore and Taiwan, will soon be hitting your screens as Dr Victor Cannerts in new US drama, Containment.

Interlaced will be hosting their first event in September which promises to be a fun and futuristic take on fashion and technology (yes, if someone could invent clothes that just put themselves on!) so check it out in Through the (Corporate) Grapevine. We also highlight excellent new documentary The Big Flip which follows the lives of 4 American families where the dad is the home maker and the mum is the breadwinner. We will be catching up with The Big Flip team in our next issue but in the meantime, please do check out their fundraising page.

We take a little trip to the Cotswolds, the Natural History Museum and Jar Kitchen in This Week. And, in case you were missing Mr Smith – don’t worry, he hasn’t forgotten his corner!

Have a lovely summer and look out for Part II of The Arts Issue which will be out on 23rd August.

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