Mr Smith’s (Christmas) Corner


Our resident contributor, father of four and high-flying partner, Mr Smith, gives us his thoughts for the week…

Hi there, I understand we are having a break until the New Year after this edition – does Miss f really need that much time to get ready for the Xmas Office Party?? (Note from Editor: Mr Smith, please note there are TWO office Xmas parties this year). Also my builder seems like he is taking off December also… leaving me with a large yellow digger and a mud slide to put fairy lights on…


Went to the O2 for the tennis this week and managed to catch Roger Federer (next 007?) in action against panto villain Novak Djokovic (boo, hiss!). There is much to admire in the Swiss maestro – silky skills, die hard fan base, super cool under pressure (has he ever lost his temper?) and no racquet abuse (junior Smiths please note). Check how Roger travels on the Thames Clipper! I feel sometimes like we were separated at birth. I have requested a ping pong table for Xmas to hone my one-handed backhand.


Further to recent social media updates, I endured a social media ‘hero to zero’ moment this week. Like all men over 16, I follow Maria Sharapova on twitter (on account of the boys playing tennis, obviously). Then out of the blue, she’s following ME – my follower No.26 to be precise. BOOM no more ‘little league’ for me then! Well almost. Apparently I have been following a ‘parody’ account not the real one. Mrs S – “it’s more likely to be some bloke in Dudley”.
Here are some other parody accounts to check out – including my old friend Chuck Norris 🙂
Lesson learnt:

Office Xmas party is looming. The annual intoxicating mix of drinks, disco lights and accountants. Here are some tips to ensure your opening knee slide doesn’t end in disaster!