Mr Smith’s Corner


Our resident contributor, father of four and high-flying partner, Mr Smith, gives us his thoughts for the week…


No.1 son turned 10! Not sure how that happened, he’s catching me up! He invested his birthday money on a new NERF gun and ammo and has been peppering his brothers with plastic bullets all weekend. Having pinned his little brothers behind the sofa for most of Monday morning enough was enough, we sneaked out for a weapons upgrade. Revenge is best served cold, or by a heavily armed 5 year old…


Having put it off (see Lesson Learnt…) I dusted off the little bike for No.4 son’s first bike riding lesson over the weekend. Conditions were a little challenging on the patio – cross wind and puddles – but a sore knee and elbow [him] and a sore back [me] indicated some progress was made. He has reported back to Mrs S that the patio is uneven – which is not very helpful for my plans of taking it easy over the summer.

Lesson learnt:

10788277-the-effect-of-destruction-of-human-electricityIf you have a job to do get it done… otherwise you will do them all on Bank Holiday Monday. Suspicions were first aroused when my tool box was on the stairs when i got up along with 3 light fittings. I am scared of 3 things – mashed potato, triffids and electricity. The first 2 will need a whole edition to deal with. Electricity is bloody dangerous!! Having checked the lighting circuit was off at least 10 times and wearing wellies I ventured into the loft. 2 hours later I emerged victorious – we are with light in the loft. I did spot a leak in the roof and a bees nest – so overall a score draw I think.