Mr Smith’s Corner


Our resident contributor, father of four and high-flying partner, Mr Smith, gives us his thoughts for the week…


Yes he supports Germany rather than England at World Cups and campaigned for Scottish independence but all was forgiven the weekend as one-man team Andy Murray saw off the Aussies to put good old GB through to the first Davies Cup Tennis Final since 1978! This is a good sign as statistically 1978 was the best year to be alive yet.

image1Difficult to disagree as I can only recall Olivia Newton-John’s trousers and Hungry Hippos.


Realising on Saturday morning there was very good reason Mr Smith Snr kept reminding me to replace the puncture repair kit in the car… I had been meaning to!

Lesson learnt:

Always depress the mute button on the speaker phone properly to avoid that inner voice being shared with the rest of world – names and characters have been changed to protect the innocent.