Nimble Babies – Making cleaning after babies fast, effective and… fun!

Man's Corner

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Suit & Pie interviewed the very talented Von Sy, founder of Nimble Babies, a new brand of cleaning products which makes cleaning after babies more hygienic, faster and fun. Their first product, the Nimble Babies Milk Buster, has just been shortlisted for a major baby product award, so keep your eyes peeled for this great brand and also find them on our Suit & Pie Christmas wishlist

So tell us… what is Nimble Babies?

Nimble Babies is a business I’ve started with the vision of creating products to make cleaning after babies faster, easier, and a bit more fun. Every parent knows how tiresome and unexciting it is to clean things for their little ones every day.

Our first product, the Nimble Babies Milk Buster, is a very good example of this vision. We’ve made a product that makes baby bottle washing more interesting and easier to do.

How did the idea for Nimble Babies come about?

One day my sister asked me, knowing that I’m a chemist, how she could get rid of the milk odour and film building up in her baby’s bottles. She said that regular washing-up liquid didn’t do the job. She had to use loads of it and it made her bottles smell of washing-up liquid.

I thought that this was a problem that only my sister complained about, so I did a quick search online and, to my surprise, I saw a lot of parent blogs and forums that talk about similar problems in baby bottle washing and there was not a single brand out there addressing them.

From there, I saw an opportunity to come up with a business that could help parents free their baby bottles from smelly milk residues.

Product Shot - front back on transparentTell us more about the Nimble Babies Milk Buster – how is it different from other baby care products?

It would have been easier and faster if I had made a “milder” version of a regular washing-up liquid, but I felt that it was not fair for the parents to be paying more for just this feature.

Being a chemist by training, I researched and used the best cleaning ingredients that are not just milder but are proven to be very effective in milk fat and protein removal. Also, unlike regular washing-up products, Nimble Babies’ cleaning ingredients do not make plastic brittle and prone to cracking.

The other difference is the special odour absorbing ingredient that I’ve put in. This is really exciting as this makes Nimble Babies very good at removing the smell of stale milk in baby bottles, without the use of fragrances.

I’m very pleased to have taken the less easy route as the product’s been receiving very good feedback from users and is now shortlisted for a major baby product award in the UK!

Where can we buy Nimble Babies products?

We are very happy to say that we’re now available in Kiddicare and on Amazon and eligible for Amazon Prime’s free next day delivery.

What does the future hold for Nimble Babies?  

We’re currently working on two other projects which will surely be helpful to parents.

One project is done in collaboration with a laboratory in Nottingham and the other one with Brunel University. Watch this space!

Check out the Nimble Babies website to buy the Nimble Babies Milk Buster (from £5.99 per bottle) and for news on upcoming products. Follow them on twitter @NimbleBabies