Oh Me, Oh My – It’s Oh My Sock!

Man's Corner


We had the pleasure of interviewing the very lovely and extremely hard-working Ha Do, founder of revolutionary new sock brand Oh My Sock.

With Oh My Sock’s new ‘sock technology’  smelly, sweaty feet will be a thing of the past and you won’t ever have to waste time trying to find matching pairs of work socks again! Ha is currently fundraising on Kickstarter to get these awesome men’s business socks into full scale production – so do check out the excellent campaign and video

Tell us about Oh My Sock. What are Oh My Sock socks? 

Oh My Sock is all about simplicity. We believe in simple products that work, so we created a brand of premium quality black socks for men, made out of bamboo. These socks are silky soft and odour resistant, meaning they will keep your feet dry and odourless even after a long journey in a London tube. On top of that, we pack the sock in a seven-pair pack for every day of the week, so users can experience ultimate ease and accessibility in the morning when reaching out for any two socks that will always make a perfect pair.

How did the idea for Oh My Sock come about?

Imagine how much better our lives would be waking up in the morning knowing exactly what we are going to wear – like a uniform. For people who have adopted a signature ensemble, the uniform isn’t anti-fashion—just pared-down, simple, and effortlessly stylish. Maybe you can’t change your whole wardrobe yet, but you can start small, like an all matching sock drawer. That’s where the Oh My Sock idea comes in, it’s the start of a simplified wardrobe.

What makes Oh My Sock socks different to standard working socks? 

It’s the premium quality at a fair price; there are two types of socks you get nowadays: super cheap ones that break or harden up after a couple of uses or super expensive cashmere and silk ones that cost £20 per pair. All our socks are made in Europe using the best machinery, using a material that is softer than cashmere and more absorbent than cotton. People with an active lifestyle will love the odourless material and the versatile design. The best part is, without the “big brand” mark up, we keep them at a fair price point (currently £26 for 7 pairs on Kickstarter).

If you are a lady looking for a gift for your man this Christmas, this would be a gift he will enjoy every day for the next year, he’ll be grateful for the time saved after every laundry round, and you’ll be glad his feet won’t ever smell like old sweat again!


You have just launched a Kickstarter campaign, what will the funds be used for and what will funders get in return?

Yes, we are very excited to announce this campaign and have made a complete idiot of ourselves in the video. The aim is to put a smile on people’s face and to make the point that people wearing black socks are not boring (!) – I am thinking of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg right now.

We done a trial run to test to concept and the quality, now we are hoping to raise enough funds to fund the minimal order of a real production run. To thank the funders, we will be giving access to the very first batches of our socks at a price point 20% lower than retail, and will put funders’ names on the “wall of fame” in our office to always remember who helped us make this happen.

What’s in store for Oh My Sock?

If this project is funded, the next stop would be different coloured socks for women. You see the challenge for a family with two people wearing black socks is that the sizes will mix. So we are researching a material that is even softer, maybe less odour resistant, but it will definitely look and feel great.

We can’t wait for the coloured socks! Check out the Oh My Sock website (where you can purchase these amazing socks through Amazon and as gifts) and on the Kickstarter campaign (where you can help fund the project and get 20% off retail price). You can also follow Oh My Sock on twitter @ohmysock