Mr Smith’s Corner


Our resident contributor, father of four and high-flying partner, Mr Smith, gives us his thoughts for the week…


I am back after a break in the last edition, something to do with me missing the editorial deadline due to a holiday…

We are into my favourite month of the year already – when did September and October even happen? You have to love November, its windy and rainy but you are duty bound to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ attempts to blow up parliament (1605) by building your own bonfire and letting off rockets over the neighbours’ gardens – it’s the month where the Health & Safety police take a couple of weeks off!


$_35I am having a birthday this week, and another one ‘starting with a 4’. Last time I checked properly I was 33, so this is very disappointing. I will also be sharing it this year with Leonardo DiCaprio (again), no pressure there then. Apparently the 40s are the worst decade for being a male, but it does get better eventually. I quote: “If in your 40s you haven’t succumbed to booze, drugs, suicide or something else silly, then life will brighten past 50 and continue that way as a sort of golden age for the male”. Hmmm that’s quite a wait!
Lesson learnt:

I like the company values stuff this week Miss f. He’s my favourite quote on values: