Mr Smith’s Corner


Our resident contributor, father of four and high-flying partner, Mr Smith, gives us his thoughts for the week…

Where have you all been?? I thought I had been retired off again!! I must still be the best available at short notice.


Without any doubt getting to the end of January! That said, I did get a chance to take the junior smiths to see Star Wars – The Force Awakens. It was like watching the Empire Strikes Back in the 80’s with my dad all over again! Everyone loved it, up until the bit that Han Solo got skewered with a lightsaber. Gulp! …Legend down!!! Not a dry eye in the house – well amongst the dads anyhow….


Notwithstanding Han Solo’s untimely demise (to be fair the Harrison Ford is 73), generally it’s been a bit of a hard month to be a male celeb! Bowie, Rickman and Glen Frey all departed stage left in Jan. Team ski trip departs on 31st to pull us out of the slump though. Based on prior form there is a good chance of a face painted (Bowie) panto villain (Rickman) dancing to Hotel California (Frey)… I am down for the Oompa Loompa outfit, so that’s going to be a stretch… Rickman could have nailed it though!

Lesson learnt:

Whilst were on ski trip, and with reference to last year, in the event that I suddenly disappear early in the afternoon, please do not (i) call mountain rescue, (ii) the Austrian red cross or (iii) Mrs S – I will not have skied off the glacier. There is a very high probability that I will be at base camp hydrating…