Soapy Goodness: How The Soap Co Gives Back

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We speak to the team at The Soap Co., an amazing social enterprise that employs people who are blind or disabled from the Keswick community (where the company is based) to create luxury soap products. With amazing fragrances like White Tea and Black Poppy & Fig, we can’t think of a better way to give back. 

So tell us… What is The Soap Co.?

The Soap Co. is a new luxury brand, launched in September 2015 with an initial three fragrances and three product lines; more are in development and coming soon.

How did the idea for The Soap Co. come about?

The idea for the brand was to combine the best of CLARITY and The Soap Co. in Keswick to create a completely new type of product for discerning customers; discerning both in terms of what they buy and why they buy it.

How does The Soap Co. give back to the community?

Fill Operator - Kevin Lyons Low ResThe Soap Co is in the community. 80% of the staff are local disabled or disadvantaged people who are now employed, with all the benefits this brings. As well as having income and spending power, our employees become more confident, more socially included and more ambitious. There are often associated health benefits with being employed and in addition there is less pressure on support services, either from within the family or outside.

Tell us a bit about the products – and how they are used for social good? 

Every time a product from The Soap Co. is purchased this adds to the number of disabled or disadvantaged people that can be employed. But the products are not just socially good, they are functionally and environmentally good too. Product development, which we do in-house, took quite a long time. We wanted to ensure that things like parabens were not used whilst adding natural extracts and vitamins. We undertook a lot of consumer testing and our products came out on top over some very well known brands.

We have worked with our suppliers to look at the environmental impact of everything we bought. For example our bottles contain at least 25% of post consumer regrind and we encourage the re-use of our pumps with our refill bottles. Our soaps are wrapped with compostable biofilm and recycled paper. We’ve even gone to the lengths of ensuring that our soap labels  are stuck on with biodegradable adhesive.

Amazing! So where can we buy The Soap Co. products?

We are talking to some major retailers but for now the best place is online at

And your favourite product?

Difficult to say – they are all so good! It’s probably the White Tea hand wash, though the Black Poppy and Wild Fig handmade soap is also a particular favourite.

Check out (and indulge in) the full range of luxury soapy products on The Soap Co. website and follow them on twitter @_thesoapco

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