Unlimited classes on ClassPass, curated content on Ellure.io, revisiting TED


This week I will be:

  • trying really hard to do as many classes as possible on my new ClassPass before heading off on holiday! As the people at ClassPass know – variety is the spice of life. For £79 per month, you get access to 100s of classes being run all over London without the hassle of having to sign up or go looking for them (because they’re all listed in the super app!). There are no limits to what you can do! (OK, there is one small one – you can attend the same studio a maximum of 3 times per month. But that isn’t really a limit given how many classes there are!) Our faves are the HIIT classes at Project Fit (always!) and 1Rebel (the Double Shot is a killer). Now, for some Barre and Street Fusion…
  • feeling honoured that Suit & Pie is being featured on awesome new Chrome app (who knew Chrome had apps?), Ellure.io which features the most inspiring news for women. All you have to do is download it and every time you open your Chrome browser it will curate great new content for you along a number of themes such as Family, Food, Wellness, Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle (where we are!). Check us out!
  • revisiting the excellent Simon Sinek TED talk on Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe where he explains how leaders can build trust within their companies in order improve performance and loyalty. I also watched the inspiring and hilarious Dame Stephanie Shirley for the first time on TED (Why Do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads?) – what an incredible and moving story from the woman who founded one of the first tech companies in the 1960s as ‘Steve’! (Yes, I have just discovered the TEDTalks feed on the podcasts on my iphone…).