Comment Awards, Super Smoothies, LFW and Funny Women

This Week


This week I will be:

  • Taking part in the Comment Awards judging day and helping to whittle down the shortlist. It was no easy feat with such a great quality of commentary and number of nominations (made even more intimidating by the fact that I managed to get all nominations printed on one sided A3 so I felt like Alice in Wonderland after drinking that shrinking potion). Check out the shortlist for some very solid nominations (some would could them “big beasts”) and some really interesting up and coming voices to look out for in the Young Commentariat of the Year category. Winners are announced on 24 November.
  • Getting my super smoothie and cold pressed juice fix at Roots & Bulbs. If you need a detox (they do a juice plan!) or just something really healthy, simple and tasty, look no further. I have had their amazing smoothies post-workout and they taste incredible and pack a real protein and coffee punch when you need it most. We recommend The Gym Freak, The Bee or The Smart Smoothie.
  • Trying to hang out with the cool kids (and Zayn Malik’s rumoured new gal pal) at London Fashion Week. I had the great pleasure of being invited to the Ashish catwalk show which was like stepping into an episode of America’s Next Top Model and finding yourself surrounded by sparkly haired, skateboarding pixies with flowy sequinned dresses and oversized jumpers. What an absolutely decadent treat!
  • Looking forward to The Funny Women Awards. After witnessing Funny Women founder, Lynne Parker, in action at one of our corporate events (funny and educational!) and of course featuring her in our Arts Issue, we can’t wait to attend the awards for the first time and watch the female finalists battle it out for the Funny Women crown!
  • Wishing I could be as eloquent, comprehensive and inspiring as Alaa Murabit, the founder of The Voice of Libyan Women and The Noor Campaign. Her TED talk “What my religion really says about women” is funny, enlightening and really puts into perspective some of the teachings and interpretations of the Koran which deal with gender and the status and role of women.